Rookie Mistake (A found Facebook poem)

Congratulations, Lenny, on joining Team Crazy.
We've literally driven to the moon!
(It was a little strange to see children interacting with drunk hoboes...)

There is absolutely no excuse for burning books.
Familiar rhetoric: fear is the path to the dark side.
(Does it smell outside anywhere else, or is it just my neighbourhood?)

The early Christians carpooled, but I can dance any way I want to.
Ate a corn dog, deep-fried pickles and funnel cake.
I am now well-stocked with yummy tea, and ready to face the world.
Who made 40 mustaches on sticks? THIS GIRL.
Off to a night of shenanigans.

(Taken from my friends' Facebook status updates over the last few days, re-ordered, and presented as poetry.)


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